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Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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31 mai 2008

American Apparel Launces ‘California Select’

Vintage is definitively the big trend. 
Vintage clothes have been bought buy the most famous stylist who had copied it.
The fashion lovers all know that.
Today if you want to have style and express yourself, 
you must buy vintage and learn to play and mix your clothes with it.
Vintage is also a way of thinking it's ethical too.
Even a brand like American appareal is know launching his vintage shop: California select.

There is nothing more in this vintage shop than others- this is just to point this info.

My new Ebay vintage store pics:
Chitown Vintage perfect dresses 

Classic Brand: K Jacques St Tropez

My friend Gabbi saw one of my Florence photos on Myspace 
and asked me: Where can i find your silver gladiator sandals ?
My "spartiates" are from the French brand KJacques.
The first store of the Kéklikian Jacques familly open in 1933.
They have created new designs for designers, 
they have been sale round the world bu they are still handmade in the french city of St Tropez.
All the shoes can be made on order in 42 differents colors.
You just have to wait 1 or 2 weeks to get the special colors you need.
They are now a classic, like the demin jean, or the white t shirt.
you just have the time to order one for this hot summer.

The best for walking around the city: the Adrien and the Agopos.

The sexiest around the pool: the bikini ( the one i bought in silver)

For trendy girls: the caravelle

For night clubbing: the neon dragon 

Porno chic is out.

During my stay in Florence i bought the Italian Vogue may 2008 with Eva Mendes on the cover.
they was a time when this vogue the italian one was known to be the most artistic fashion mag.
Models have been made with shoots or covers in this mag. 
The top of the top is to work with Steven Meisel.If you do you are made.
I looked at the Mendes - Meisel fashion shot and i discovered a fetish bondage porn-like session.
Vogue Italy was a men magazine - erotica from the 50's with not the little touch of cute from the 50's but something from the Hustler 70's years. Nothing is closed to a elegant sexy fashion shoting here.Eva Mendes liking her feet, with cream on her breast, bondage position on the kithchen table, beeing a chair ( simply not "la classe").

From Frolic With the Cuties of St. Lucy's- unknown year.
All the scans here.

There is nothing new or creative in those photos.We have seen them in fetichist mags, 
 if you want to see great sexy fashion shoots there was Newton or Bourdin.

I can't stand this trend that mix fashion and pornography: like 
the depressive summer 2008 adds of Terry richardson and Tom Ford. 
Marketing, sex, pornography meeting fashion have nothing attractive to me. 
If i want to see an erotica photo ( and i can tell you that i collect 
vintage erotica magazines and Pin-up photos from the 20's- 50's and i enjoy fetichist artists), 
i open a men mag but not a fashion mag.
For vintage girly sex mag, look at this excellent blog.
For more sophisticated men mag, the vintage scans blog.
 Call me untrendy or retro but i will never buy a Luxury fashion brand that assimilate me to a sex object.
Fashion has to be sense of style and glamour.

Those irritating photos remenber me those ridiculous 2008 fashion adds
 of Marc Jacob of Jurgen Teller with Posh for model. 
The beckham mania is something that i don't understand.
Victoria Beckham is such not an inspiration, she even scared me a little...
When i saw the add with her feets coming out of a bag, i thought this was a joke
 but this is a new " genious" idea to sale luxury expensive fashion.


To finish,an erotica calendar. Another Vogue fashion shot. 
Mario Sorrenti and  Fashion editor Emmanuelle Alt for the French Vogue june 2008.
Please can someone stop this 90's porn chic trend ?

L'élégance française....
Of course this is my pesonnal view and opinion.
What is yours ?

30 mai 2008

Mina: My 60's italian pop singer


The Florence trip is over.
I came back in Paris tonight.
I went in marvelous places.
I will not write tonight about the journey.
But i would like to share one of the song i listen during the trip.
The great italian singer Mina Anna Mazzini
She has recorded over 1000 songs, 110 albums, 
sold 76 million records, and scored 70 singles in Italian charts. 


She gave up public appearances in 1978
and  became an invisible singer...

I have in my Ipod those 2 songs:
Enjoy them.

"Il cielo in una stanza"- 1960




Tintarella di luna -1959

25 mai 2008

Sarah Moon and Florence travel

Dear readers,
i will be out of my blog for few days.
Tommorrow i will take a plane for Florence.
I will of course take photos for the blog.
I plan to see the ferragamo museum.
the museum boasts a collection of draws 10,000 models
For planning my trip, i used the expat blog in Italie.

the link of the day: Boucheron jewels online shop.
You can order direcly from the website.

Today, i am posting photos from the Pirelli calender
shoots by Sarah Moon in the 70's.
I don't know if you remenber a publicity made by
her for the perfum Loulou of Cacharel .
I will began next week to add "U got the look" posts.
I choose girls who have a great personnality around myspace friends.

 is on Sale.
Have a look you never know.
short selection of my favorite items
See you in 5 days after my short holiday in Florence.

23 mai 2008

Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz : winner of 2008 Cannes Film Festival

Tomorrow, the Cannes masquarade will be over.
Bye Bye Cannes fashion festival.
If you haven't catch any informations about the Festival insides,
i recommend to read  this excellent blog: Aurea.
My friend Mary-Laure wrote about her stay in the Martinez Hotel
and she was sending post about the movies she saw every nights.

Now, It's time to vote for the Fashion " palme d'or " !

Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz fly away polyester colored dress caught my eyes at the Cannes film Festival.

The jury menber Natalie Portman wore Lanvin spring/summer 2008 dresses few times.

Lanvin is this year brand visibility winner and Portman was the best dressed for this Cannes Festival.

Lanvin again on Kristin Scott Thomas and Julie Gayet.

But now, please welcome this year's red carpet fashion mistakes.
I introduce you to Julianne Moore and Dita Von Teese wearing Christian Lacroix Haute Couture summer 2008.
I simply say: No! No! No!

I found this piece of horror dresses: this swinsuit lingerie dress on Eva Herzigova.

The worst for the end. Thank you to the  blog Go fug yourself for finding this amazing piece on Corinne Touzet.If you want to have a look, it's up to you...

Trendy Birthday Gifts

I have been invited to a birthday party and i have been asked to help for choosing the gifts. 
I love to buy birthday gifts. 
This time the goal was to buy a trendy fashion gift around 150 euros maximun. 
I had of course informations about the birthday girl taste. 
Her fashion inspiration is Kate Moss, she's a nightclubber, 
she needs to dress casually but have add some fashion trends to her look, 
she isn't wearing any sexy or to feminine outfits, 
she is a walking girl taking metro - rushing all the time
 and she haven't often got the time to change her clothes
 to go out at night in trendy restaurants.
 The decision was fast: accessoiries were the perfect gifts.

I came to the party with my beloved chihuahua: Cancan. 
The Cake was a "Fraisier "(a sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries)
 from a french pastrie called Dalloyau.
The birthday girl discovered a table full of shopping bags ( lucky her ...).

The gifts were a good example of this summer 2008 fashion trend.
Guerlain perfum called Cuir Beluga (vanilla meet amber smell.)
Cuir Beluga can be purchased directly from the Guerlain shops
in Paris (0033 145 62 52 57) or 
at Bergdorf Goodman in New York (212-872-2734).

Ballerina Flats from Repetto limited "60 éme anniversaire"
 in black leather with neon fushia edgings. 
Brigitte Bardot brought international attention to the Repetto brand 
after wearing their classic ballet flats in one of her films. 
It's why the original flats are called the B.B. 
The brand was mostly a classic dance brand.
But since 6 years those flats have been wore again by fashionistas.

Sparkling red Clutch with "Paris rocks" cristals  from Zadig & Voltaire.
the strange trendy scraft of 2008: the keffiyeh. This one came from Antik Batik.

And the final gift was one of the It Yves Saint Laurent bag- Spring/summer 2008

Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2008