Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009

Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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31 janv. 2009


Oh, i really miss to write my blog this week.
I had so much things to do and with this cold weather in Paris everybody is sick.
went out and the sales are going very well.
We have good revues, i have been interviewed today about Musicals and the realation between american pop-culture and Broadway for a French radio?
Unfortunaly, i couldn't done another one planned the week before because i was so sick.
If you want to listen to the record go on itunes.

The other great event is that i have been offered to organized a burlesque night for a french club called the Chacha club.
This is really exiting because i am the DA and the DJ of the evening.
Has you may know if you are reading this blog one of my passion are show people, burlesque performers, pin-up and all that have an relation to nostalgia, glamour and Hollywood.
My next wish is first to finished my new record project 
about "the great american songbook",
and my second is to become the only french Burlesque
 DJ in France .
Wish me luck...

The party will take place the 25 february. It will be a mix of performances, clubbing, romantisme, sex and masquarade.

Dames, Dames,Dames all you want to see in a show is Dames
...... sayed Dick Powell introducing the song "Dames".

"Why do you want to see a show for?
You want to see those beautiful dames......".

I would like you to introduced you to Creamy Caro a young and brilliant strip-tease performer.
I dicovered her in a french documentary: where she was strip-teasing all in simple black trench a very classic strip, in a movie theater between the porns-movies.
She was so beautiful and graceful.
I connected her and i hope i will see her perform her art strip-tease very soon.
I hope that like me you would enjoy her performance and her fabulous delicate allure.

Isn't she lovely...
Today, it' s so cold in dream after this
 crazy week to spend time with my bed.
Oh, you may not know it,
 but i am the laziest gal in town.
Cancan Van Paris and I wish you a nice saturday afternoon.
                              And remenber if you are on facebook to add you to my group.

25 janv. 2009

Fabulous Sexy Records Part 1

I don't know who are the pople on thoses Records cds.
Sometimes, i forget where the came from,
this post is just a general trend i loved in 2008.
Enjoy and i hope you will keep some photos ...♥

18 janv. 2009

Harry Nilsson:A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night

A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night (73) is an album of classic 20th century standards performed by Harry Nilsson and Sinatra arranger Gordon Jenkins. 
The album is produced by Derek Taylor. 
This album is notable in being a standards album produced decades 
before standards albums started to become popular. 
The album met with modest chart success but is often 
regarded as the finest example of Nilsson's virtuosic singing.

My speciality is my knowledge in standards and popular music for Tin Pan alley to today. I am hearing a lot of standards songs ( i am can tell you most of the time terrible version). This is the best album of standards i ever heard and i have a hudge admiration for Nilsson.He Has been the best crooner since the 70's.
You know of course 2 very popular songs of Nilsson: Without you and Everybody's Talkin'. But you didn't hear a lot about is virtuose ability to sing songs from the " Great american songbook". His is one of my favorite singer. You may be think this is strange for a jazz specialist, how is working on jazz compilation since 10 years - But i do.
This album is simply one of the 10 best i know: 
"A little Touch of Schmilsson in the night".
Harry Nilsson and Gordon Jenkins recording the album, A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night

This video contains:
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows, 
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now and What'll I Do.

Nevertheless (I'm in Love With You) and This Is All I Ask

Track listing
"Lazy Moon" (Bob Cole, J. Rosamond Johnson) – 3:20
"For Me and My Gal" (Edgar Leslie, E. Ray Goetz, George W. Meyer) – 2:47
"It Had to Be You" (music: Isham Jones, lyrics: Gus Kahn) – 2:45
"Always" (Irving Berlin) – 1:34
"Makin' Whoopee" (Gus Kahn, Walter Donaldson) – 4:25
"You Made Me Love You" (Joseph McCarthy, James V. Monaco) – 2:32
"Lullaby In Ragtime" (Sylvia Fine) – 3:39
"I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" (Joe Howard, Harold Orlob, Frank R. Adams, Will M. Hough) – 2:40
"What'll I Do?" (Irving Berlin) – 2:25
"Nevertheless (I'm in love with you)" (Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby) – 2:38
"This Is All I Ask" (Gordon Jenkins) – 3:35
"As Time Goes By" (Herman Hupfeld) – 3:21
Bonus Tracks
"I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" (Harry Carroll, Joseph McCarthy) - 3:16
"Make Believe" (Oscar Hammerstein II, Jerome Kern) - 2:21
"Trust In Me" (Ned Wever, Milton Ager, Jean Schwartz) - 2:26
"It's Only a Paper Moon" (Harold Arlen, E. Y. Harburg, Billy Rose) - 3:12
"Thanks For The Memory" (Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin) - 2:46
"Over The Rainbow" (Harold Arlen, E. Y. Harburg) - 3:29

12 janv. 2009

Sweet Sixteen of the 50's

Listen to First the song  :

8 janv. 2009

Pulp Art: Earle K. Bergey

Earle K. Bergey (1901 - 1952) was an American illustrations of pin-ups art,
comic books covers art, pulp-fiction books cover art and glamour art.
Today Bergey is best remembered for his very distinctive
and influential science fiction pulp cover paintings.

During the 1940s, Bergey painted covers for science fiction magazines,
including Standard Publishers' Strange Stories and Captain Future,
and later for Fantastic Story Magazine, Planet Stories and others.

His illustrations of women in space helmets and bikinis or skin-tight outfits served as an inspiration for Princess Leia's slave-girl outfit in Return of the Jedi.

These covers, usually featured a woman being menaced by a Bug Eyed Monster or robot not alwasy very far there is an astronaut or other heroic type to come to her assistance.