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Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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In only one year, DJ Chloe has found a perfect audience for her musical and visual sensibilities – Paris’s Burlesque & Glamour scene – has been experiencing a healthy resurgence. Within the last year, Chloe has been the DJ of choice for all of the major Parisian parties ( her month's evening at the ChaCha Club, L'ARC, Le 1515, La Nouvelle Eve, Le Comedy Club and events & the New York burlesque festival. DJ Chloe has become a buzz in Paris, appearing recently in French glossies, such as DS, Glamour, Numero, Blast and French Elle.

 Text Laurence Romance

" Chloé, organizer of the burlesque Parisian parties “ VAN PARIS GLAMOUR PARTY”, is an accomplished show producer. She brings together on stage renowned burlesque artists and THE VAN PARIS SOCIETY : girls she discovered on Facebook , for whom she created acts, taking care of the costumes as well as the choreography. She also chooses the music they perform to and, once the show is over, she becomes a DJ, playing standards from musical and by big bands."


Chloe describes her sound as "neo-retro, dyslexic & babydoll - mixing all kind of styles.” Vintage sounds are her specialty, particularly sounds of the 30's-60's (French and American) - including Swing Jazz, Vintage Oldies, sounds of the Ziegfeld Follies & Hollywood Musicals; all periods of rock 'n roll; girl groups; 70's-80's punk and new wave; mutant Euro-disco; dance and electro. Mixed, as Chloe says, in a “glamorous, rock 'n roll and wild girly way.”
"There’s more. Far from merely celebrating Hollywood’s Golden Age and the naughty state of mind of the pre-war cabarets, this iconoclastic enchantress gleefully blends 1950’s rock and roll, new-wave, electro and the very best that pop music has given us: Brenda Lee and Cristina, Little Richard and Goldfrapp, James Chance and Harry Nilsson, Vive La Fête, Blondie, Prince, Wanda Jackson… A “music selector” rather than a mere Selector, Chloé Van Paris offers sets that first appeal to the listener thanks to their eclectic boldness, which is certainly not a product of chance; indeed thanks to her vast knowledge of musicals, she knows that music was always meant to tell stories and is second to none when it comes to signaling subtle echoes between songs, which question and answer each other beyond the barriers of time. As for those who might think that she dwells in the past, they are the retrogrades who haven’t had a chance to see her in a club, focused on her single aim : “To bring about euphoria and keep it alive.”
Chloé’s relation to music is peculiar, both intuition-based and fearless. Her creed?
 “ I never considered there was a hierarchy among genres. Emotion comes first.”"


Chloe Van Paris, daughter of famed French record producer Francis Dreyfus (Jean Michel Jarre, Dreyfus Jazz), has made a name of her own becoming an acknowledged personality in recent years with her wildly popular jazz and Hollywood Musicals compilations. 

JAZZ REFERENCES (50 compilations) & BROADWAY MELODIES (Musicals)


About Her fashion blog:

Just Call Me Selector par Lala JP Lestrade (Fondation Tanagra) « La connaissance encyclopédique de toute l'iconographie hollywoodienne, allant de la « flapper » des années 20 à la pin-up des années 50, fait du blog "Rétro-Nouveau" ( un des plus excitants catalogues de mode et de tendance que l'on puisse trouver sur le Net actuellement. En avant donc poitrines pigeonnantes et tailles fines, jambes galbées en bas à couture ou résille, talons vertigineux, guêpières et autres accessoires de l'ultra séduction et du fétiche : les images postées sur sa page Facebook et sur son blog se savourent comme autant de gourmandises visuelles, odes à la femme fantasmée et sublimée (un regard principalement masculin, souvent non dépourvu d'humour) mais également aux hommes passeurs de glamour : Fred Astaire, Busby Berkeley, Cole Porter, Elvis Presley... Il ne faut pas croire que son inspiration se limite à des contingences exclusivement passéistes. Nourrie du passé, elle réussit à décrypter les sources de l’inspiration du moment. Chloé Van Paris est bel et bien une jeune femme d'aujourd'hui, en phase avec son époque. Elle possède un sens aiguisé de l'image de mode, de ce qui est chic, nouveau, excitant mais aussi de ce qui est drôle et kawaï. Son blog lui ressemble et montre que ce qu’elle sait faire de mieux, c’est respirer l’air du temps. »