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Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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23 mai 2008

Trendy Birthday Gifts

I have been invited to a birthday party and i have been asked to help for choosing the gifts. 
I love to buy birthday gifts. 
This time the goal was to buy a trendy fashion gift around 150 euros maximun. 
I had of course informations about the birthday girl taste. 
Her fashion inspiration is Kate Moss, she's a nightclubber, 
she needs to dress casually but have add some fashion trends to her look, 
she isn't wearing any sexy or to feminine outfits, 
she is a walking girl taking metro - rushing all the time
 and she haven't often got the time to change her clothes
 to go out at night in trendy restaurants.
 The decision was fast: accessoiries were the perfect gifts.

I came to the party with my beloved chihuahua: Cancan. 
The Cake was a "Fraisier "(a sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries)
 from a french pastrie called Dalloyau.
The birthday girl discovered a table full of shopping bags ( lucky her ...).

The gifts were a good example of this summer 2008 fashion trend.
Guerlain perfum called Cuir Beluga (vanilla meet amber smell.)
Cuir Beluga can be purchased directly from the Guerlain shops
in Paris (0033 145 62 52 57) or 
at Bergdorf Goodman in New York (212-872-2734).

Ballerina Flats from Repetto limited "60 éme anniversaire"
 in black leather with neon fushia edgings. 
Brigitte Bardot brought international attention to the Repetto brand 
after wearing their classic ballet flats in one of her films. 
It's why the original flats are called the B.B. 
The brand was mostly a classic dance brand.
But since 6 years those flats have been wore again by fashionistas.

Sparkling red Clutch with "Paris rocks" cristals  from Zadig & Voltaire.
the strange trendy scraft of 2008: the keffiyeh. This one came from Antik Batik.

And the final gift was one of the It Yves Saint Laurent bag- Spring/summer 2008

Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2008