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Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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16 mai 2008

Louise Ebel, a french fashion blog star ?

A new kind of Star is born.
Not a movie star or a new singer, a blog fashion star.
Her name: Louise Ebel.

Never heard of her? Not yet maybe.

I am sure that you've saw her once on city styles blogs such has Face hunter,
The sartorialist or some french fashion blogs.

Louise began to be a curiosity, a "who's that girl" on the screen illness this month.

Two French Fashion blogs have interview her: "such an inspiration, such a mystery"...

Fashion blogs can have the same power of spreading the word
than Fashion magazines.
They can created new icons.

I saw Louise the first time on Face Hunter among other photos,
this was another photo between others.
But during a week, i saw this same photo on more than 5 blogs.
"Strange phenomenon!" : i told myself.

I was sure that something was happening: when i saw Louise
draw by illustrator Judit Garcia.

Of course, it's not unusual to see on such blogs the same faces over and over.
Simply because, a lot of photos are taken at the fashion shows time.

But This time, it's not a celebrity, an It-girl, an Olsen sister or a fashion journalist.
This time, it's an everyday 19 year olds Art history student.

The blog's writers were choosing her to be an icon.
Not a fashion celebrity or a model but simply an incarnation of a young Lady
who loves and dreams about fashion.

Will Louise soon be seen on the cover of a magazine, a T-shirt or in a movie?

Can famous stylists or fashion magazine journalists be influenced
by a team of bloggers who have created a new fashion icon ?

Is she the new french Kate Moss or is she just a month sensation ?