Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009

Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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19 mai 2009

Women Working on Planes During the second War

Wanda Jackson - Rip it up

My favorite singer ever.

Bobby Darin-Splish Splash

Don't miss the desire is the girl' s eyes from the audience

Elvis Presley - Stuck on You Live 1960

Buddy-Holly - Oh Boy

Buzy Baby boum

T.Rex - I Love To Boogie

Madleen Kane - Fever (1978)

Perfect hair and Make up isn't it ?

Billie Davis - Watcha Gonna Do?

18 mai 2009

♥Regarde-moi ♥ Playlist ♥

♥ Listen To Some songs with me ♥
Here in MP3

More photos on his blog.
Just like those photographies with this Yashica's look.

This make you feel you are a teenager forever......


Please, click on the images if you want to see them in bigger size.

They have more info than you can imagine.

17 mai 2009

The King and the Mockingbird... The End

Here is the ending of the European animated film The King and the Mockingbird, aka Le Roi et l'oiseau
Made in the period of 1948 to 1980. My favorite animation.
I would like to share with you this wonderful animated movie.
It's so powerful to me that i cry everytime i see this last sequence .

Le roi et l'oiseau - Le petit clown

Vive La Fête - Maquillage ( Live, Abril Pro Rock )

this video is from 2004- alive in Brazil -
i just love to dance on it ......

Orient - Xmal Deutschland

The Slits - Typical Girls

Japan: Don't Rain on My Parade

From the musical: Funny Girl
just a great rock version.

6 mai 2009

Pics of the day

1 mai 2009

Altered Images - Happy Birthday (1981)

Dames and galore Beauties

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