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Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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11 mai 2008

Save Polaroid

Polaroid Corporation announced in february that all instant films 
(the first process that could make a finished print in 60 seconds) 
will no longer be produced after 2008.
Even if it was expected, I became instantly saddened by the news.
This is the end of an art.

Polaroid (created by Edwin Land) introduced its first instant camera:
the Model 95, in 1948.
My favorite familly pictures will always be those fabulous unperfect polaroids. Hopefully for the last polaroid users, a spokesman for the company says there will be enough film in stock to keep shelves stocked until 2011.

Artist Stefanie Schneider  sayed It’s an era ending again. No more family pictures developing in front of the children’s eyes. A piece of beauty disappearing… a piece of culture.

You can upload your polaroids on this flickr group.
"Please help save polaroid,sign the petitions and take action!  
all infos here!

I love those lovely Jen polaroid and if you want to see more polaroid addicts look to Alice Polaroid space.
Toni raquel & Zoe anastacia are sisters, they love talking fashion polaroids.