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Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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20 nov. 2008

Valerio Zurlini: Estate violenta & La ragazza con la valigia

Valerio Zurlini (1926-1982) isn't a very famous cinematographer outside Italia. 

Even though he directed 2 melodramatic Italian classic Movies.
He is still unfairly underestimated.
Zurlini remastered films went out in Paris independent cinema few years ago.

La ragazza con la valigia ( la fille à la valise- 1961) has been released 
in France by MK2 video and i am still waiting to see Estate Violenta on DVD.

In Ragazza con la valigia, a young and naive chorus girl is taken on a journey by a playboy,
 she ended up on the raod with just her suitcase. 
This character was typical of the Italian melodrama.
 Italian realism movies like to show Lost women.

This film will turn into a sensual love story.

Estate Violenta (Eté Violent -1959) is about a summer during the second war 
in a small italian city where teanagers are trying to enjoy their vacation. 
A  woman with her husband in the battlefront is going to meet
an attractive teenager and they will lived a short by passionate romance.

I recommend you to look at those movies if you can.

Estate Violenta (Eté Violent -1959)

La Ragazza con la valigia ((Girl with a suitcase-1961)