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Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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30 juin 2008

Out in Paris: The Demolition Party

In Paris, A demolition-party with 1500 guests took place at the Royal Monceau Palace.
Guests where invited to smash the walls with pecks
and to destroyed symbolickly some room of the hotel.
This party "was sold"as an artistic performance - it's just have been some childhish
and vulgar nightclubbers that behaved madly and ridiculously.
The palace owner already think that when the hotel will be reopened it will become the trendiest place in Paris.
Millionnaires wants to have fun, the prices would be high and they will party in the Palace.
The owner is choosing to make the Royal Monceau a decadent night clubbing over priced Hotel.The Royal luxury hotel Pile, in Paris, was the theatre of an artistic experience
on Thursday, June 26th consisting of the destruction of certain parties of the place by hundreds of VIP and under looks and encouraging acclamations of the public."
It is of the bourgeois punkitude.
It is very funny of middle-class persons who slum it by attacking blows of peckers in the symbols of the middle classes ", explains Eric Mitchell,
an American artist who regrets that all rooms are not used by the artists.

In a separate room, two concierges of the hotel : " we are all a bit sad to see this. we are a bit bitter... But we are of the small personnel, we do not have our word to be said. "
What had to remain a happening in mildly destructive madness is going to earn both lower floors where several rooms are decorated by contemporary artists.

Now we are in "Fight club" : the party-goers dissect the furniture of suites, shred mattresses, pulverize mirrors and bathrooms. Chain saws resound.
Some people make wee on the moquette while of other one hang in chandelier.
the DJ set began, some guests are making sex in the rooms.

Just depressing and vain ......
It is ironic ? Are they taking us for fulls ? What happen to Luxury ?
I invite you to boycoot this new Palace, that has just the name but
not the elegance and "savoir- vivre" of this kind of Palace.

This make me want to listen to Madame Hollywood from Felix Da Housecat Feat. Miss Kittin,
about the vanity of vips.And for me, those fake trendy hotels and party: "It's over
I decide it's over".

Everybody wants to be Hollywood
The fame, the vanity, the glitz, the stories
One day I'll become a great big star
You know, like the Big Dipper
and maybe one day you can visit my condo
On a big hill you know, like 9 0 2 1 0

Just imagine my face in the magazine
People analyzing my look, my body or any plastic surgery
You know like the Big Dipper
and maybe one day you can shake my hand
on the planet Hollywood

You say I'm not underground
I'm rich
I'm famous, I'm vanish, I'm glitz
I am the story, I am the the star
You know like the Big Dipper
Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll
It's over
It's over
I decide it's over

Everybody wants to be Hollywood
Maybe one day you can visit my condo
On a big hill you know
Like 9-0-2-1-0