Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009

Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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24 avr. 2009

Let's misbehave

It's now few years that i have made wonderful connections
 around the world with Myspace and this blog. 
Myspace was a great way to connect with people who have
the love for vintage photography. Messages after messages, 
comments after comments: it's not rare that this exchange 
become a true friendship based on similar interests.

One of my dear cyber friend  is Gabbi.

Gabbi is leaving in L.A and we are sharing a passion for vintage photos,
 classic movies, Icons of the past and she never forget me 
when she come accross something that might 
help me in my research on musicals history.

She send me today a blogging award: 
a polaroid with a deer and i want to share with you
a great photoshoot that she sent me about a burlesque revue.

Thank you sweet Gabbi ♥

My last work: "Broadway Melodies" got good reviews
 and i am working on a new project.

Has you may know, when a blogger get an award 
he have to give it to the blogs he likes.
I want to share my award with:

  bibli odyssey .

I recently discovered a musical: Pennies from Heaven (1981).
It's a musical that pay tributes to great songs of the 30's-40's.
It's the original recording that is used in the film.
Actor are singing on playbacks.
If you never saw Christopher Walken dance enjoy him
in Cole Porter's song : Let's misbehave.