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Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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6 déc. 2008

Betty Page: Ultimate Pin-up

Betty Page with Irving Klaw

Bettie Page modeled in New York from 1950 to 1957, 
but her impact far outstrips the relative brevity of her career.
The late 1970's brought a resurgence of interest in Page's career, 
winning her new generations of fans
and making her an icon all over the world.

Her distinctive look ( her famous hair style) and radiance 
presence have combined to make her an influence not only
on erotic media, but also on pop culture, 
from fashion and music to movies and comic books.
Her image appeared on postcards, 
playing cards and album sleeves.

She rose fame on the strength of her photographs 
in men's magazines (Wink, Beauty Parade and Titter).
She became the january 1955 centerfold in Playboy.

She worked in 1955 with brother and sister Irving and Paula Klaw 
for photographs and shorts S.M and bondage films. 
In 1955, Estes Kefauver launched a campaign against pornography.

Betty Page Left modelling and left New York.
No one knew what became of her and was forgotten.

In 1978, Belier press began reprinting Page's photos 

in bound volumes, introducing her to a new generation of fans.

I read in the news today that Betty Page, 85 year old,
is hospitalized after a heart attack.
You can buy reprint of Klaw photographies at Movie star news
or a replica of one of her dress at Blue Velvet vintage
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