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Cabinet of curiosities & Inspirations since 2009
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12 août 2008

The Collins Kids

I am still in New York. I am planning to work on a rockabilly music compilation,
around bleecker street and in Williamsborough there are great records shops.
I found rockabilly LPs to work soon on.
When i was looking for information about rockabilly, i discovered the amazing
Collins Kids.

Historically credited as one of the originators of "Rock-A-Billy" music in the mid 50's, at the age of eight and ten, Tulsa, Oklahoma born Larry and Lorrie Collins, entertained audiences around the globe as "The Rockin' Rollin' Collins Kids".

The Collins Kids - High School Confidential

The Collins Kids - Just Because

The Collins Kids - Great Balls of Fire

Born and raised in Pretty Water, Oklahoma, their father and mother sold the farm and the cows to move to California so the two talented children could pursue their show business destinies. Within a year, the two joined the cast of the weekly country music showcase on Los Angeles television in 1954. It was on "Town Hall Party" that teen idol and TV star Ricky Nelson first saw Lorrie Collins. Before long, she became his first steady girlfriend.

The Collins Kids appeared on national TV shows like Ed Sullivan and Steve Allen and toured with country music stars of the day like Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins before Lorrie's teenage marriage interceded. By 1962, the duo even stopped recording, while Lorrie concentrated on motherhood and Larry turned his skills to songwriting.

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